One Piece
Real vs Anime

Iñaki Godoy as "Monkey D. Luffy"

Actor Iñaki Godoy chosen to play Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy aims to someday become King of the Pirates

Mackenyu Maeda (Arata) as
 "Roronoa Zoro"

Actor Mackenyu Maeda chosen to play Roronoa Zoro.Zoro's importance in the One Piece world as Luffy's right-hand man and swordsman.

Emily Ellen Rudd as "Nami"

Actress Emily Ellen Rudd chosen to play Nami.Nami's role as the navigator and her significance in the crew.

Jacob Romero Gibson as "Usopp"

Actor Jacob Romero Gibson cast as Usopp.Usopp's role as the sniper and repairman of the crew.

Taz Skylar as "Sanji"

Actor Taz Skylar chosen to play Sanji.Sanji's dual role as a chef and fighter in the crew.

Michael Dorman as "Gold Roger"

Actor Michael Dorman cast as Gold Roger.Gold Roger's importance in starting the great pirate era.

Peter Gadiot as "Shanks"

Actor Peter Gadiot cast as Shanks.Shanks' role as captain of the Red-Haired Pirates and inspiration to Luffy.

 Vincent Regan as "Garp"

Actor Vincent Regan cast as Garp.Garp's role as a marine officer and his significance in the series.

Steven Ward cast as "Dracule Mihawk"

Mihawk's reputation as the world's greatest swordsman.

Jeff Ward as "Buggy"

Actor Jeff Ward chosen to play Buggy.Buggy's role as a clown pirate and his interactions with Luffy.

Morgan Davies as "Koby"

Actor Morgan Davies cast as Koby.Koby's dream of becoming a marine and his friendship with Luffy.

Aidan Scott as "Helmeppo"

Actor Aidan Scott cast as Helmeppo.Helmeppo's transformation from a bully to a marine alongside Koby.

McKinley Belcher III as "Arlong"

Actor McKinley Belcher III chosen to play Arlong.Arlong's role as a Fishman antagonist in the series.

Ilia Isorelýs Paulino as "Alvida"

Actress Ilia Isorelýs Paulino cast as Alvida.Alvida's role as the first antagonist Luffy faces in the series.

Langley Kirkwood as "Captain

Actor Langley Kirkwood cast as Captain Morgan.Captain Morgan's role as a marine officer and antagonist to the Straw Hat trio.

Craig Fairbrass as "Chef Zeff"

Actor Craig Fairbrass cast as Chef Zeff.Zeff's role as the head chef of the Baratie Restaurant and his relationship with Sanji.
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